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Safe Growth
[2008] The partnership between SafeGrowth and LISC's Community Safety Initiative has allowed for the design of a comprehensive program model for professionals ...
Safe Growth
[2007] Safe Growth: Creating Safety & Sustainability through Community Building and Urban Design, A Community Safety Paper Series publication of LISC/CSI, New ...
SafeGrowth: Moving Forward in Neighbourhood Development
[2009] Sustainable strategies for crime prevention rarely, if ever, find their way into the formal design and planning of urban places. This article ...
Walking with Park: Exploring the ‘reframing’ and integration of CPTED principles in neighbourhood regeneration in Seoul, South Korea
[2013] This article offers a case study of a crime prevention initiative delivered in a neighbourhood of Seoul in South Korea, led by the Design Policy ...
2011 CPTED is 40 this year. Collumn Gregory Saville
Professor C. Ray Jeffery's book "CPTED" was published in 1971. Oscar Newman's "Defensible Space" in 1972. That's four decades of preventing crime. In an age ...
A CPTED Bibliography 1975 - 2010
[2012] Publications related to urban space, planning, architecture and crime prevention through environmental design, 1975 - 2010