Relation between Quality of life and Safety in high-rise housing, Łódź Poland

[2017] Case study report. The social context in Polish highrise neighbourhoods is not associated with social housing and the ownership of the dwellings is mixed. Moreover nearly half of the population of Poland lives in this type of real estates. Sociological research shows the subjective quality of life is descent. Nevertheless they are still considered a rather poor place to live and there are various aspects that need to be improved. The idea of the case study is to compare the findings of a sociological survey on quality of life with the results of space analysis based on the CPTED method. This case study might bring general recommendations for highrise neighbourhoods in Eastern Europe.

Janiszewska, Anna et. al. Relation between Quality of life and Safety in high-rise housing. Łódź, Poland. COST action TU1203: Crime Prevention through Urban Design and Planning (CP-UDP), 2017.

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