Bijlmermeer regenerated

[2014] The dissertation ‘Bijlmermeer Regenerated. Modifications of public and semi-public Areas. What can we learn?’ investigates the changes that were made during the last 20 years of the Bijlmermeer Regeneration Project and assessed the success of these changes. To be able to understand the full consequences of this multi billion regeneration project in Amsterdam the dissertation contained studies on the history of the Bijlmermeer, the problems encountered and the solutions provided. A chapter on data analysis was included in an attempt to obtain a measurement how effective the regeneration of the Bijlmermeer was. The most long term and current data available was used. A large part of the downfall in the Bijlmermeer was due to consequences of the lack of safety due to poor design. Studies by Oscar Newman, Jan Jacobs, Alice Coleman and Jan Geyl, regarding crime prevention and safety underpin the dissertation.

Klundert, Willemijn van de, John Bold (Tutor). Bijlmermeer regenerated, Modifications of Public and Semi-Public Areas - What can we learn? Westminster University London, London - January 2014

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