New Book: Design Against Crime

COST is pleased to announce the publication of the book: Design Against Crime: A Human-Centred Approach to Designing for Safety and Security. The book is part of the Routledge series "Design for Social Responsibility", edited by Professor Rachel Cooper.

In the book, the authors first explain the design against crime approach to safety and security. Then they go on to provide practical advice on addressing crime and insecurity within the design process and offer practical examples of design being applied to issues of safety and security. They also examine crime victimisation from a global perspective, highlighting the benefits worldwide of reducing opportunities for crime, including for issues of national security, such as terrorism and natural disasters. A design-led, human-centred approach to security provides a way forward that is both aspirational and practical.

The book is aimed primarily at design professionals, educators and students interested in safety and security, from all design disciplines — including product design, architecture, service design and communication design. The book should also be read by crime prevention experts, planners, local authorities, managers of urban environments and policymakers.

Further details, including a contents list, is available from Routledge:

Please find attached a PDF flyer providing further information on the book, and which also offers a discount on purchases!